Hello everyone! We had a great first meeting and the group was full of hope and promise! We have some great people in this group and I hope to see it continue to grow daily. WE NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION! One thing we need to work on right away – propelling the Jennifer Act. Sounding off to our community leaders, congressmen, senate leaders and legislators. Please take 20 – 30 minutes and send letters or call these numbers – PLEASE CONTACT THEM ASAP!!! The bill has passed the Senate committees and now is on the schedule to be heard in the House. Constituents can call, email or write their Senators and State Representatives. Be sure to ask for support (vote Yes) of SB499 and it’s title-“Jennifer’s Law”.

The list for my address was:

Senator James Smith
Republican, District 45
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone 800-382-9467

Representative Steven Stemler
Democrat, District 71
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone 800-382-9842 (web email form)

Congressional Legislators
Representative Trey Hollingsworth
279 Quartermaster Court
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Phone 812-288-3999 (web email form)

Senator Todd Young
46 East Ohio Street
Suite 462
Indianapolis, 46204
Phone 202-224-5623 (web email form)

Senator Joe Donnelly
115 N. Pennsylvania Street
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone 202-224-4814 (web email form)

They may be different in your area – use the links to search:

In the next few days, I will be posting a summary of our meeting and try to provide you with a list of action-items. But, this one should get top priority at the moment. Please give it 20-minutes of your day? Please share the links: I AM AFFECTED GROUP and with anyone you know who has been affected by this terrible scourge!

If you don’t like to type, call in. If you prefer to send a letter – you can copy/paste/edit my message to them:

Dear ________

I am writing you today to ask for  your support (vote Yes) for SB 499 – also known as “Jennifer’s Law”.  The entire state of Indiana would benefit greatly if Jennifer’s Law were passed.

Please consider the impact this law will make for families like mine who have suffered the wrath and been affected by drug addiction.  While it is too late to save my daughter’s life, this bill can impact many others in my family and community.

It is time we fought a better war on drugs – clearly the war Reagan launched 40-years ago has done nothing more than consume funds that could go to much better use.  Why should we spend over a trillion dollars losing a war in our own country?  Let’s win this!  Please, vote YES for SB 499 Jennifer’s Law!


Marilyn Greenwell

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