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This face - my baby girl

My only child, Brittney Leigh West age 32 passed May 14, 2016 of a heroin overdose. Brittney was a beautiful and amazing girl who had so much to live for - married and a mother of two handsome sons.  She worked as an EMT for many years, saving lives. But she couldn't save her own. Her addiction began with pain pills in her early 20s. She easily found Primary Care Physicians to generously write opiate prescriptions-thanks to very generous pharmaceutical company kickbacks. She couldn't beat the demons who had control of her mind and body. Gone too soon. My grandsons are now my reason for living. Helping the young victims will be my primary focus in this group. For example (but not limited to) providing counseling, showing them the real affects of drug abuse, helping them cope with living with addicted parents, or worse, process their grief.

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